Iron in the Raw
A lot of TLC, blood, sweat and tears goes into restoring antique tractors.  We find some of them in many rusted out pieces, with trees growing up through them.  It is really satisfying to take someone's "junk" and turn them into our treasures!  We will also do restoration work for others.
1936 Farmall F-30 Narrow
Old tires were removed, and tractor placed on blocks to aid cleaning & sandblasting.
F-30 After Sandblasting
Rear wheels & axle housings were painted, and new tires installed.  Now ready for engine overhaul & other repairs.
Another View of F-30
Along with mechanical repairs, front rims will be replaced and final paint applied.  Update:
it's finished!  Pix soon.
F-30 #2
Patiently waiting its turn.
Regular '28-B.jpg
Regular '29-A.jpg
1928 Farmall Regular
Ready for sandblaster.
'28 Regular
Sandblasted & primed.
1929 Regular
Sandblasted & primed.
1947 Farmall H
Sandblasted & primed.
CKD 560 old 2B.jpg
LGD 300-A.jpg
Troy 300 Utility.jpg
1959 Farmall 560
To be or not to be?  Parts or restore?  Anyone want to place a vote on its fate?
Laura's 1955 Farmall 300
The "Before" shot.  Paint on this one was removed with stripper, a painstaking process.

Troy's Farmall 300 Utility
This one had been sitting in a barn for about 30 years when we happened upon it.  After working on it for an hour, it cranked right up!

The Dodge.jpg
Ahh, the potential!  We'll get this IH McCormick combine running one day.  So much iron, so little time...
This 1946 Dodge was a recent find.  Look at the curves on her sheet metal and compare to today's Rams.  Just more proof that you should hang on to your old stuff, because it will eventually come back into style.