Here are some of our favorite links:

Tractor Gallery    Laura Davis Galleries:  An eclectic mix of photographic styles, organized into user-friendly albums for your viewing pleasure:  Antique Tractors/Tractor Pulling; Motorcycles & Flat Track Racing; People; Landscape/Scenic; Architectural/Real Estate.

   Quality video documentaries:  antique steam & diesel tractors and farm equipment; classic steam and gas fire engines and apparatus; vintage motorcycles & automobiles.     The famous square-dancing Farmalls, as seen on TV.  Order the video of the Nemaha Farmall Promenade, t-shirts and other merchandise.     More videotapes from our friends in Iowa, including the "Nemaha Farmall Promenade Square Dancing Tractors" and "Optimizing Nitrogen Management for Corn Production" videos, as well as a 114-minute "Aquarium" video with which you can enjoy the beauty of an aquarium without all of the work!     A fairly new site, but nice!  Has a functioning and up-to-date webring, of which we're a member.

Tractor t-shirts by A&E Designs     Yesterday's Tractors.  This site will keep you occupied for days.     Antique Tractor Internet Services.  The original site for antique tractors on the internet since 1993.    National Garden Tractor Pullers Association     Antique Tractor links sponsored by Yesterday's Tractors     The Cockshutt Shed.  Great resources for Speedy's second-favorite brand of tractors after Farmall.     "Roger's Rules For Collecting Old Iron (and living with your spouse)" - by famous tractor humorist Roger Welsch.  Funny stuff.     Finding old Iron - Harrolds' Antique Tractor & Engine Links.  You can spend weeks using this one as your home base.     The place on the internet for lovers of old iron.     Beaty's Performance Products.  Antique Tractor Restoration; focus on the Farmall M pulling market (custom aluminum radiators for the farmall M).