Click above for a video of Speedy's 1928 Farmall Regular Weekend
Rebuild Challenge at the Sunny Plain Antique Power Association's
12th annual Old South Antique Farm Festival (October 2011)
Click above for images from the 11th Annual Old South Antique
Farm Festival near St.Matthews, SC, sponsored by the
Sunny Plain Antique Power Association (October 2010)
Speedy's 1934 F-30 Duckbill Rebuild Weekend Challenge
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Speedy's Wheat Harvest - Summer 2009
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Speedy's sports finally collided.
Speedy's Cockshutt 30 Restoration
Before & After

Rowdy Culclasure
Tractor Fun
Ah, the Red vs. Green rivalry can get a little intense around here.
This is Speedy's latest toss into the fray.  Can't you just picture
Rowdy's thoughts?...Man, my "G" is sure pulling strong today!!

Ron Barton planning his strategy  Antique Pull at Wagener, SC - June 1, 2002 - Photos                     

Sunny Plain Antique Power Ass'n Antique Tractor Pull - April 2002 - Photos   Troy Kittrell on his 560

 Lowcountry Antique Tractor & Engine Ass'n Show & Pull - April 2002 - Photos

F30 After
Speedy finished his 1936 F-30 in October 2001 and pulled it at the Asheville, Saluda & Sunny Plain pulls.  (See coverage below).  We love those spoke wheels!  He really enjoys working on the older tractors.

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Fall 2001 Pulling Season Report
We joined the newly formed Sunny Plain Antique Power Association this summer.  Headquartered in the Sunny Plain community of Calhoun County, SC, with its rich heritage of farming, this ambitious group planned a three-day "Old South Antique Farm Festival" for the 2nd weekend of November.  Speedy agreed to intensify his efforts on the full-sized pulling sled he'd been conjuring up in his mind for quite a while, and have it ready for that weekend.  And he did it, too, but not without a lot of help.  Ron Barton and Buster Herrington from the Lowcountry Antique Power Ass'n made the 3+ hour round trip many a Saturday to help.  Troy Kittrell, your commitment to this project was awesome.  Many thanks go also to Keith, Kenny, Matt, Jessie, Daniel, Glenn, and numerous others.  Here are some sled pictures:
Sled before
Buster -n- Ron
Sled After
The sled's humble beginnings as a trailer frame.
Buster Herrington,
Speedy, & Ron Barton
After lots of man-hours
We somehow found the time, as the sled project was nearing completion, to haul 5 tractors plus the Cub Cadet (with the people hauler, of course) to the pulls near Asheville, NC and Saluda, SC over the two weekends prior to the Sunny Plain event.  Carey won 5th place in his class with the Cub Cadet at Asheville, the best showing of our group.  Speedy pulled his newly completed F-30 at both pulls, but it was obvious it needed a little more tuning.  Laura enjoyed pulling with Speedy's 560 for the first time at Asheville.  That Saturday the wind chill was in the teens pretty much the whole day, and the glove and stocking hat vendors made out like bandits.

Troy took a 2nd at Saluda.  We were all tired that weekend, but at least the weather was balmy when compared to Asheville.  Speedy ran into Frank Suchy in Saluda, who offered to finish tuning the F-30 since Speedy was so busy with building the sled.  Thanks, Mr. Frank, for the F-30 won the 5500# class in the Sunday pull at Sunny Plain!  As a matter of fact, the rest of us had a great day that Sunday at Sunny Plain:  Keith won the 7500# class with his Super MTA-Diesel; Laura won the 8500# class on Speedy's 560; Speedy, in addition to the win with the F-30, won the 4000# class with a 230 and the 9500# with the 560; and Troy won the 10500# class with his 560.  The John Deeres and Olivers had a pretty strong day on Saturday.   
                                                                      ! Pictures from Sunny Plain !

The Sunny Plain Antique Power Association was formed in the summer of 2001 by Otis Culclasure and his son, Rowdy.  They attended an antique pull the previous March and developed "tractor fever".  Sunny Plain logoAfter forming SPAPA, the group of 50+ members decided to host the three day Old South Antique Farm Festival over Veterans Day Weekend 2001 on some property belonging to Otis.    In addition to 3 days of pulls, there were several bands, kids pedal tractor pulls, a slow tractor race, judging of antique cars, trucks & tractors, parades of power, wagon rides, petting zoo, Sunday church services, and numerous vendors of food and collectibles.  There's nothing like getting it right the first time out the gate!  The weekend was a great success, leaving everyone asking "When's the next SPAPA event?" (Spring 2002).

Wagener-Salley Young Farmers Truck & Antique Tractor Pull
Sat., August 18, 2001          Wagener, SC

The Young Farmers were expecting a big truck turnout that night, and agreed to hold the antique tractor pull separately, earlier that day.  They'd originally planned to combine the tractors and trucks that night, limiting the number of tractor classes to save time, so we are glad they separated the two.  This was a fun pull (some trophies), for any weight antique tractor, and was a great opportunity to get ready for the upcoming fall pull season.  The Young Farmers tried out their big new sled, "Gene's Dream."  The tractor turnout was light, maybe due to the rainy weather.  Heavy thunderstorms interrupted the pull for a few hours, but the guys worked hard to rework the track, and the pull was completed that evening.  Here're a few shots of our soggy but happy crew.  (Click on any image to enlarge).  Yes, we have friends who drive those two-cylinder machines!
Soggy pullers
Soggy pullers 2
Soggy pullers 3
Charleston pullers
Roger Williams
Speedy & Laura Davis
Otis Culclasure
Keith Davis
Jessie Davis

Ron Barton
Keith Davis
Carey & Laura Davis
Rob Drew
Otis Culclasure
Rob Drew
Ron Barton
Keith Davis
Carey & Laura Davis
Otis Culclasure
Archie Cartin
Rob Drew
Ron Barton

From the Low Country
Antique Tractor & Engine Ass'n
(Charleston, SC area)

Palmetto Tractor Club
Tractor Show & Garden Tractor Pull
Saluda, S.C.      Saturday, May 5, 2001

(Click on any image to enlarge)
Oliver 88
Lined up
Garden? Tractor?

1st Lowcountry Tractor & Farm Implement Show - Yonges Island, SC - April 21, 2001

Richland Creek Antique Power Association
5th Annual Antique Engine/Tractor Show & Pull - Saluda, SC - Weekend of Nov. 3, 2000

15th Annual Western NC Fall Harvest Days - Antique Engine & Tractor Show/Pull - Arden, NC     Oct. 27-29, 2000